For parents

Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU)

If your child’s GP has asked you to come to the hospital, or you have brought your child into the Emergency Department, you might need to be seen by the children’s doctors and nurses in the Paediatric Assessment Unit.  This is a separate area of the Children’s Centre that assesses children and teenagers, treating any symptoms.

Within 15 minutes of arriving in the department, we aim to assess your child.  This is called triage.  We will take a full range of observations, including temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure, and weigh your child.  This will then determine how quickly you will see a doctor.  This could be:

  • Green – Non-Urgent – seen within four hours from triage
  • Amber – Urgent - seen within one hour from triage
  • Red – Immediate -  seen immediately

The sickest children and teenagers are seen first.  While you are waiting for your child to see the doctor, they will be given any medicine that are initially required, and offered food and drink if they are allowed to.  There are also toys, games and books that will keep your child amused.

Once the doctor sees you, they might send you home, or ask for the opinion of another doctor. Sometimes, you will be admitted to the ward for an overnight stay in hospital.

On discharge, some children are given continuing care. Most children continue to get better after discharge. However, if your child has been given continuing care then you will be given a contact number to ring and a time frame to contact us back.