For parents

A few tips to help you and your child

Hospital visits and stays can be challenging and upsetting for children so it may help to follow these tips:

  • stay with your child: we encourage you to spend as much time as possible by your child’s side during hospital stays. If you have to leave, do explain to your child where you are going and for how long you will be gone.  If your child does not have anything infectious, they might be nursed in a bay with two, four or six other children.  Side rooms are only available for children who are infectious to others.  You will be offered either a reclining chair in the bay or a pull-down bed in the side room if you are staying overnight with your child.  We can only allow one parent or carer to stay overnight with your child.
  • stick to your routine: routines are reassuring for children so it’s good to try and maintain your usual wake-up and bedtime routine as much as possible and bring along a favourite toy.
  • take time for yourself: try to take a few minutes each day to give yourself a break. It is important that you give yourself the time and tools to cope with your child’s stay and to support them. There is a hospital shop, and Costa Coffee on the floor below. As well as Fosters Restaurant. If you need help locating any of these, please just ask.