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The DN4 Questionnaire

The DN4 (which stands for Douleur Neuropathique 4) is one of the questionnaires that can be useful in helping to diagnose neuropathic pain.  It has components of how the pain feels to the patient but also requires the examining health professional to assess whether there is reduced sensation (hypoaesthesia) to touch or pinprick, and whether light brushing increases or causes pain (allodynia).

This questionnaire has been well validated in a number of studies.


Diagnosing Neuropathic Pain - DN4 Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire by ticking one answer for each item in the 4 questions below.

Interview Of The Patient

Question 1: Does the pain have one or more of the following characteristics?

1: Burning Yes No
2: Painful Cold Yes No
3: Electric Shocks Yes No

Question 2: Is the pain associated with one or more of the following symptoms in the same area?

4: Tingling Yes No
5: Pins and Needles Yes No
6: Numbness Yes No
7: Itching Yes No

Examination Of The Patient

Question 3: Is the pain located in an area where the physical examination may reveal one or more of the following characteristics?

8: Hypoesthesia to touch Yes No
9: Hypoesthesia to prick Yes No

Question 4: In the painful area, can the pain be caused or increased by:

10: Brushing ? Yes No


  • Score 1 to each YES answer
  • Score 0 to each NO answer
  • If the score is 4 or higher then the pain is likely to be neuropathic pain.
  • If the score is less than 4 then the pain is unlikely to be neuropathic pain.







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