Advance Care Planning

Many people, by the time they reach the end of their lives, have multiple conditions and complex needs that require a pro-active, co-ordinated response.  Making appropriate plans to meet a person's changing needs and aid timely transitions to end of life care are critical.  The process of planning often involves multi-disciplinary teams working across local health, social care and voluntary sector services, and an ongoing dialogue with a person and those close to them about how to meet their current needs and those that can be anticipated in the future. 


Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning Booklet

Introductory Leaflet

Introductory Booklet

Disease Specific Triggers for Care Planning Discussions

Discussing Future Care Action Card

Capacity Assessment and Decision Making (including Advance Care Plans) Action Card  

Capacity, Care Planning and Advance Care Planning in Life Limiting Illness - A Guide

Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment - A Guide 

Best Interest Decisions for End of Life Care