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New version of the Specimen and Request Form Labelling Policy issued 

A new version of the Policy for Specimen and Request Form Labelling for Pathology Users  PDF file  issued 12/10/17.


Updated blood tube guides

New versions of the acute hospitals and community blood tube and order of draw guides available as from 21/11/2016.

Blood tube guides PDF file


Microbiology urgent specimen transport

An updated document covering the tranpsort of urgent Microbiology specimens from Cheltenham General Hospital to Glouceestershire Royal Hospital is available. 

Tranpsort of urgent Microbiology specimens PDF file


Default copy reports for Primary Care - sending ceased 

Pathology has ceased sending default copies to General Practitioners except where there is a clear and justifiable reason following a specific request or clearly identified pathway.

View letter from Specialty Director of Pathology  PDF file


New Nova networked glucose & ketone meters

All staff who use glucose & ketone meters MUST attend a training session for the new combined Nova networked meter.

The programme starts on Thursday 19th May 2016.

For TRAINERS – sessions will be listed on the Education pages of the Intranet under “Mandatory training” – these sessions must be booked in advanceTrainers book here.


For USERS – a programme of 1 hour drop-in sessions have been arranged:-

Gloucester dates& times PDF file

Cheltenham dates & times PDF file


Changes to the Pathology "out of hours" service

With effect from Monday 29th February our out of hours services in Chemical Pathology and Haematology/Transfusion are undergoing significant changes! Staff are moving from a traditional on call pattern to a shift based system which will reduce lone working whilst continuing to deliver our usual robust service. 

The Chemical Pathology out of hours service will from that date be provided  solely from the GRH site – see below for ways in which this affects communication routes. Haematology/Transfusion continues as a two site service. This change is supported by the introduction of a 24/7 transport system. The drivers will be trained and conversant with the protocols for sample sorting and transport and whilst initially this system is for the transport of pathology samples the intention going forwards is to review this to help other departments address cross site issues. 

  • At CGH please end all samples to the  lab in Cheltenham  (via air tube or porters) as usual.
  • Also at CGH special transport arrangements are no longer needed for CSF samples – they can be sent to the Lab in Cheltenham (for Chem Path and Microbiology) and they will be transported by the overnight Pathology driver to Gloucester.
  • Also at CGH – for  very urgent Chemical Pathology requests – please speak to the out of hours BMS BEFORE a sample is taken. This is to ensure the Pathology driver will be on site in Cheltenham to transfer the sample to Gloucester as soon as it arrives in Pathology.
  • To contact the out of hours Chemical Pathology BMS between 10pm and 7am (8pm – 8am at weekends) use bleep no. 2136 or you can continue to use Cheltenham ext 3420 (which will be diverted to the Gloucester Urgent phone 5232).

There has been discussion and agreement with service users and Trust management in making these changes which as long as the above communication routes are followed will result in no visible change to our services. Thanks are due to all the staff involved including laboratory and support services,  pathology managers, staff side representatives and our colleagues in Human Resources in bringing this project to fruition. If any issues arise please do not hesitate to bring them to the attention of the relevant laboratory management teams or myself directly.

Thank you

Phil Bullock

Speciality Director, Pathology, GHNHSFT

Updated version of the Pathology Services Quality Manual

A new version of the Pathology Services Quality Manual has been issued. This is available in the "Policies and downloads" section. Click on the link in "DOWNLOADS & LINKS" on the home page.


Monthly Pathology quality dashboard

As from May 2015 the Pathology quality dashboard will be made available to Trust all users. This will be updated on a monthly basis. There will be a permanent link to the current and all previously published dashboards in the "DOWNLOADS & LINKS" section on the home page.


Change to eGFR calculation

A letter advising service users of a change to the way that the glomerular filtration rate is calculated has been sent out. This change took place on 7th May 2015. A copy of the letter is available in the "Policies and downloads" section. Click on the link in "DOWNLOADS & LINKS" on the home page.


Updated policy for specimen and request form labelling

A revised version of the document "Pathology policy for specimen and request form labelling for Pathology users" has been issued. This is available in the "Policies and downloads" section. Click on the link in "DOWNLOADS & LINKS" on the home page.


Blood tube guides

 BD Vacutainer® Tubes have been introduced for all our users. There is a new recommended order of draw to be used for all tubes, both old and new. Click on the link in "Information for Service Users" on the home page to see copies of the charts.


Pathology Store ward order forms

New Pathology Store ward order forms are available for download. Ward order forms for CGH and GRH can now be found under the Pathology Stores link In "The Pathology departments" or under Document downloads in "Downloads & Links" on the home page.


New pathology web site launch

Welcome to the new Pathology website. The aim of this site is to provide information about the Gloucester Hospitals NHSF Trust pathology laboratories. You will hopefully find all the information you need about the range of services we offer and how to make best use of them. If you can't find what you are looking for, please let us know by dropping an e-mail to the web editor.

The site will undergo an intensive period of development over the next few months. At the moment this site allows users with Trust network access to search the old tests and investigation database. This will change so that all users can search these pages. We will also be reviewing, updating and re-formatting all these pages.


User survey action plan

The pathology department has drawn up an action plan in respone to the last user survey. This action plan was released in July 2011.

PDF file Read User Survey Action Plan 


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