Information for Funeral Directors

Opening hours & access

The Mortuary Departments are open for collections by Funeral Directors between 11am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday only (excluding Bank Holidays). Booking an appointment is not necessary when attending the Mortuary between these hours; however please note that no admittance is allowed outside of these times unless prior arrangements have been made with the Mortuary Assistant on duty. The Mortuary is a secure area and should be treated as such by any Funeral Director that is given access.

Should Funeral Directors attend the Mortuary and find that a viewing in progress please ring the bell and wait for assistance by the Mortuary Assistant present. Please be aware that the Mortuary staff are lone workers so they will not be able to answer the door until the viewing has been completed and the relatives have left the Department. Please be respectful to the relatives attending the Department and refrain from repeatedly ringing the bell.

Funeral Directors who attend the Trust Mortuary Departments are expected to follow the Code of Practice for Funeral Directors and other Visitors to the Mortuary as specified by the Trust. Please refer to this before attending the Mortuary Department. PLEASE NOTE – should you require Cremations forms this must be arranged with the Bereavement Department in advance where they will accept the Doctors’ cheques and provide the forms along with the release note requires by the Mortuary.

Directions to the Mortuary

At both sites, the Mortuary is situated within the Pathology block. The Funeral Director’s entrance for the Mortuary at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is located between the Women’s Centre and the Pathology Reception entrance, behind a wooden fence. 

The Funeral Director’s entrance for the Mortuary at Cheltenham General Hospital is situated at the back of the hospital next to the LINC. Access is through the site from Keynsham Road.


Frequently asked questions

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Page last reviewed: 28/11/17