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Brush Cytology



This preparation technique is appropriate for the following sample types:-

Bile duct brushings

Bronchial brushings

Gastric brushings

Oesophageal brushings

Sample Requirements

  • Cut the wire using the wire cutters provided.
  • Place immediately into a labelled CytoLyt specimen pot.
  • Label pot with surname, forename and unique

 identifying number e.g.  MRN number.

  • Send to the cytology laboratory with the appropriate

Yellow Non Gynae request form correctly completed. 





  • Store at room temperature.
  • Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature.

Required Information

All samples must be accompanied by a yellow non gynae cytology request form. The completion of the form and the labelling of the sample must conform to the Policy for Specimen and Request Form Labelling for Pathology Users.

Turnaround Time

Routine non-gynaecological samples will be reported within 5 working days.

In cases when more complex pathology requires further laboratory investigations or referral for expert opinion a provisional report will be issued within the above time scale to be followed by a further complete supplementary report.

Urgent non-gynaecoloigcal samples will be reported within one working day of receipt.

For a sample to be treated as urgent the laboratory must be notified on Cheltenham 5222.