Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough) antibodies



Bordetella pertussis colonies growing on Charcoal Agar

  • This test is useful for diagnosis of longstanding respiratory tract infection (2 weeks to 6 months)
  • For current disease a pernasal swab is the most useful diagnostic specimen 
  • Testing for pertussis immunity is not available
  • Pertussis (whooping cough) is a notifiable disease. Click for notification form.

Sample requirements

Serum - paired samples not required

8.5ml of blood taken into a plain gel tube 

8.5mL BD Vacutainer tube

Required information

  • Relevant clinical details
  • Date of onset
  • Vaccination history
  • Details of contact with suspected cases


Store at fridge temperature

Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature

Turnaround time

Up to 8 days

Page last reviewed: 20/11/2013