Cytomegalovirus (CMV) antibodies



 Complement fixation test (CFT)

  • Tests available include:
    • CMV CFT
    • CMV IgM
    • CMV IgG
    • CMV avidity
  • The screening test used to diagnose active Cytomegalovirus infection is a CMV CFT
  • In the case of a raised CMV IgG result a CMV IgM test is performed
  • A positive CMV IgM result indicates recent infection
  • If CMV IgM positive, direct detection of virus by PCR viral load is indicated (see CMV viral load)
  • CMV IgG is used to diagnose previous CMV infection
  • CMV avidity can be used to indicate how recently infection has occurred.  This is usually of use in pregnancy and should only be requested after discussion with a Consultant Microbiologist
  • CMV CFT is part of the following viral screen sets:

Sample requirements

Serum - paired samples not required

8.5ml of blood taken into a plain gel tube 

8.5mL BD Vacutainer tube

Required information

  • Relevant clinical details
  • Date of onset
  • For acute CMV - jaundice, abnormal LFTs, lymphadenopathy


Store at fridge temperature

Transport as soon as possible at ambient temperature

Turnaround time

7 - 10 days

Page last reviewed: 22/10/2013