Semen fertility investigations



Sperm morphology stain

  • The department offers a range of semen infertility investigations which include:
    • sperm concentration (sperm count)
    • sperm motility
    • sperm morphology (normal forms)
    • volume
    • pH
    • viscosity
  • Any other infertility tests should be referred to a specialist andrology unit, e.g. Bristol.
  • As these samples are very time-consuming to process, an appointment system is operated to ensure sufficient time can be allocated to carry out the analysis.
  • Appointments are usually arranged for weekday mornings (Monday to Friday).
  • To book an appointment patients should phone between 09.00am and 12.00 noon Monday to Friday on Telephone number 0300 422 4200.
  • A room is available on site, if required, for patients to use to produce a sample.
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Sample requirements

Complete samples collected into a 60 mL wide-mouthed container


Containers will be from batches which have been tested for sperm toxicity and will be sent directly to the patient once an appointment has been made


Collection Method

An explanatory letter and a patient information leaflet will be sent to patients when they make an appointment
60 mL wide-mouthed sterile container

Required information

Date and time of sample production


Patients are advised to keep the sample warm during transport, e.g. in an inside pocket

Samples should be transported to the laboratory within one hour of collection to arrive between 8.30am and 10.00am

Turnaround time

48 hours

Note: patients are informed that their results will be available from their G.P. or consultant approximately 7 days after their appointment date

Page last reviewed: 09/12/2016