Semen post vasectomy check




  • A minimum of 2 samples are required
  • Samples should be submitted at 16 and 18 weeks after vasectomy
  • Persistent non-motile spermatozoa in the initial two ejaculates is not uncommon. 10% of men will continue to have residual non-motile sperm at six months post op. A sperm count of <10,000 per mL is considered low risk for unwanted pregnancy.
  • Men with low numbers of persistent non-motile sperm in their ejaculates (i.e. after 7 months and at least 24 ejaculates) may be given "special clearance" to discontinue other contraceptive precautions following appropriate counselling and advice regarding the risk of pregnancy.
  • If the patient falls into this group, please indicate this on the request form and we will perform a more accurate assessment of low numbers. It may be useful to ask the patient to make an appointment (as per infertility investigations) to ensure the sample is examined within 1 hour of production.
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Sample requirements

60 mL wide-mouthed container


  • Samples should be produced at home by masturbation directly into the container
  • Condom collected or withdrawal samples are NOT suitable
  • Please note the date and time of production on the sample and form
60 mL wide-mouthed sterile container

Required information

  • Date and time of production of the sample
  • Date of vasectomy
  • Number of previous samples.
  • If "special clearance" investigation required


Patients are advised to keep the sample warm, e.g. in an inside pocket

Samples may be sent to the laboratory anytime between 08.30am and 04.00pm Monday to Thursday and within 4 hours of production - there is no service for this investigation at weekends

Turnaround time

24 hours

Page last reviewed: 24/10/2014