Urostomy and nephrostomy urine



  • Urostomy samples are screened for pyuria and bacteruria by an automated image analysis system. All samples are routinely cultured.
  • Urostomy samples are tested for typical urinary tract pathogens.
  • Nephrostomy samples are processed as sterile fluid specimens and any isolate may be considered significant.


Sample requirements

30mL urine bottle with preservative

Bottles should be filled to the red line

30mL sterile universal container must be used for nephrostomy samples

Urostomy samples are recommended to be collected by transiently catheterising the stoma and collecting the urine that is initially voided via the catheter. Do not send stagnant urine from a urostomy bag.

Nephrostomy samples should be sent either at the time of nephrostomy tube insertion (if infection is suspected) or subsequently collected aseptically from the nephrostomy tube.

30 mL sterile urine container with boric acid preservative

30mL sterile universal container

Required information

  • Relevant clinical details
  • Current or recent antibiotic therapy
  • Antibiotic allergies


Transport without delay. If transport is delayed samples in 30 mL urine bottles with preservative may be stored at room temperature, but samples in plain 30mL  sterile universal containers must be refrigerated.

Turnaround time

Negative: 1 - 3 days

Positive: 2 - 4 days

Multiply resistant organism require additional testing and may take longer

Page last reviewed: 06/08/2014