Viral loads: CMV, EBV




  • CMV and EBV viral loads are normally measured in immuno-compromised patients in accordance with agreed protocols or at the suggestion of the laboratory
  • Please telephone the laboratory when these samples are collected
  • CMV may be detected by PCR on broncho-alveolar lavage samples. Please discuss with the laboratory.

Sample requirements

Plasma - paired samples not required

4ml of blood taken into an EDTA Tube

For EBV and CMV 1 full EDTA tube is required.



For babies and small children a minimum of one full 2mL paediatric EDTA or one full paediatric Mini Collect EDTA tube is required

4 mL EDTA tube



2 mL paediatric EDTA tube

     Paediatric Mini Collect EDTA tube

Required information

  • Relevant clinical details
  • Time of sample collection


Transport immediately at ambient temperature

Turnaround time

Sent to a Regional Reference Centre

Up to 10 days



Page last reviewed: 16/07/2014