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Each dispensary works following similar operating procedures and guidelines. The teams provide medicines for many areas both on and off site. We provide services to in-patients and out-patients from every clinical area within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust and also to private units and other Trusts, such as the mental health partnership trust.

The dispensary service has a dedicated and motivated team of pharmacists, technicians and support staff who aim to deliver a seamless service to all our patients and other clients. We have one of the most up to date robot dispensing systems available at GRH and CGH sites which has complemented the one stop dispensing scheme (see Clinical Services section) and has aided a quicker turn around time for discharge prescriptions. The robotic dispenser has also cut down on repetitive box picking in the distribution area.

Members of staff you may come across if you visit the dispensary are: -

Pharmacists, Pre-registration Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Student Pharmacy Technicians and ATOs.