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Medicines Information

Medicines Information

The Medicines Information service provides evaluated information and advice regarding all aspects of medicine use including:

  • Treatment choices
  • Adverse reactions to medicines
  • Interactions between medicines
  • Administration and compatibilities of injectable medicines
  • Medicines dosing and administration
  • Safety of medicines in pregnancy or breast feeding mothers
  • Safety of medicines in impaired kidney or liver function
  • Identification of foreign medicines
  • Policies around the best use of medicines.

 The information service is provided to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other appropriate healthcare professionals. Information is also available to patients of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust via our medicines help lines (see below for contact details). Advice for patients and members of the public can be sought from NHS 111 on or phone 111.

The Medicines Information Service has been established for many years. Up-to date resources, information technology and professional expertise are used to provide evaluated information and advice to enquirers. Staff working within medicines information include pharmacists, pre-registration pharmacists and Senior Pharmacy Technicians.

Medicines Help Line

Medicines Help Lines for enquiries about medicines we have dispensed to patients of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: -

Cheltenham General Hospital:

03004 22 2805 Monday to Friday 3pm to 4pm

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital:

03004 22 6837 Monday to Friday 10am - 11am