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Radiology Staff


Radiologists primarily work on one site and their details may be found in the
Consultants Directory

Cheltenham General Hospital

Dr Claire Croucher (Part-time) Breast imaging
Dr Maurice Gibson (Full-time) Intervention, Cross-sectional
Dr Jes Green  (Full-time) Musculoskeletal, Nuclear Medicine, Cross-sectional
Dr Ian Hagan (Full-time) Cross-sectional, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound  
Dr Liz Haslam (Part-time) Vascular intervention, Cross-sectional
Dr Richard Hopkins (Full-time) Interventional, Ultrasound, Cross-sectional
Prof Iain Lyburn (Full-time) Cross-sectional, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, PET
Dr Nicola Matcham (Part-time) Paediatric imaging, ultrasound
Dr Garrett McGann (Full-time) Intervention, Cross-sectional
Dr Julie Searle (Part-time) Cross-sectional, Head & Neck
Dr Matthew Shaw Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal, Cross-sectional
Dr Rajiv Singh Musculoskeletal
Helen Massey - Breat Imaging 

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Dr P Birch (Full-time). Interventional, Cross-sectional
Dr E Brown (Part-time) Cross-sectional, Head and neck, neurology, mammography, PET
Dr S Cooke (Full-time) Cross-sectional, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound
Dr S James - Musculoskeletal
Dr L Jelly (part-time) cross sectional ultrasound/gynae
Dr F Jewell (Full time) Musculoskeletal, Cross sectional 
Dr V Markos (Non-Vascular Intervention, Cross-sectional and Ultrasound Imaging)
Dr K Mason  - GI/Cross Sectional Imaging
Dr T Tottle (Part-time) Interventional and Chest
Dr M Trautner  - Nuclear Medicine
Dr D Wallace - Colorectal/Cross sectional imaging

Senior Radiography Staff at Cheltenham General Hospital Imaging Department

Lead Superintendent Radiographer Christine Dooley
Superintendent Radiographer Ultrasound  Cheryl Davies
Lead Radiographer General + Fluoroscopy  Rob Griffiths
Lead Superintendent Radiographer Accident and Emergency Department  Laurie Bradley
Lead / CT/MRI Superintendent Radiographer  David Reed
Deputy Lead Superintendent Radiographer  Sue Burley

Lead Radiographer Isotopes

Alison Fallows
Senior Radiographer - Radiation Safety Officer David Lindop / Pat Ostojitsch

Lead Radiographer -  Cardiac & Intervention

Emily Bryant
Senior Nursing Sister  
Administration Manager  Cheryl Bobs


Radiographer Female- white top, black trousers

Radiographers Male - burgundy top, black trousers

Nurse – navy top, navy trousers

Radiographic Assistants – burgundy tops, blacktrousers

Clerical – black or navy tops, black or navy trousers

Senior Radiography Staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Imaging Department

Diagnostic Imaging Operations Manager Sarah Balchin
Superintendent Radiographer Linda Bevan
Superintendent Radiographer Ultrasound Cheryl Davies
Superintendent Radiographer General + Fluoroscopy Rob Griffiths
Superintendent Radiographer Accident and Emergency Department Catherine Phillips
Superintendent Radiographer Cross sectional Imaging Sue Merrick
Superintendent Radiographer - Radiation Safety Officer Eliphas Dhewa
Clinical Practice Developer
Senior Nursing Sister Carole Morgan-Slater
Clerical lead Jane Gatfield



Radiographer Female - White top - Blue or Black trousers

Radiographers Male - White polo Shirt - Black Trousers -

Nurses - Navy Blue "scrubs"

Imaging Care Assistants - Royal Blue Top - Blue trousers

Administrative and Clerical - Black and White top - Blue trousers