Our Service

SWMS is a psychology-focused service, and we aim to support patients in a non-judgmental way to answer questions such as:

What am I doing that isn’t helpful to my weight? This may involve patients spending time noticing what they do, as well as who and what influences their behaviour, and triggers or situations for over eating

What is stopping me changing my behaviour? For a significant number of patients, pain, low mood and/or a poorly controlled medical condition are making change difficult. Many patients have low confidence in their ability to change, low self-worth and low self-belief.

Some patients are feeling ground down after years of dieting with little longer term success. Some are overwhelmed by their emotions, and/or the amount of weight they need to lose.

Many feel out of control regarding their eating and their weight.

What support do I need?

Focusing on weight may be too difficult if pain or low mood or a poorly controlled medical condition are significant. These may need to be focused on first.

If a patient is able to focus on their weight we offer support with the following:

What can I do differently?

We encourage a step-by-step approach, a ‘start where you are now’ and build up gradually to develop helpful eating and helpful activity behaviours, and begin to work on changing unhelpful behaviours.

Techniques we use in SWMS

 Active listening Using motivational interviewing techniques

 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques to help patients move away from eating as a means to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings

 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Helping patients to get in touch with what really matters to them, and so begin to change unhelpful behaviours that are barriers to change

 Mindfulness and mindful eating 

More information for patients

You may find it useful to read our patient information leaflet