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Returning to work


A significant proportion of people who have a stroke are of working age. In one study, 24% of men and 11% of women were in employment before their strokes and 60% were able to return to work at some stage. Most were able to do so by six months.

Returning to work depends on a wide range of factors including the severity of the stroke, impairments, the type of employment , the attitudes of employers and support available. Returning to work may be difficult because of residual disabilities such as problems with speech. In addition stroke victims complain of fatigue and difficulty concentrating which makes working difficult.

People may need retraining to change employment and specific occupational therapy to improve skills. A return to part time work at first may be the best option for many people.

There is no need to worry that exercise or hard work will bring on another stroke. People are sometimes under the mistaken belief that they need to rest after a stroke and that working is not a good thing. In fact, some people find that working boosts their recovery.