What do our patients say about us?

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"I attended physiotherapy due to chronic pain in my right knee for at least two years suspecting i needed a knee replacement. The physio informed me I had arthritis and got me on the Escape Pain course. The course has been brilliant for me educating me that exercise was the best course of action and from the gentle stretching exercises through to the gym machines I have had a gradual improvement up to the point where i am walking now virtually pain free. I would like to commend the NHS and my physiotherapist in particular for the excellent and prompt diagnosis, the information and education on the course, and the relaxed but efficient running of the sessions which made it enjoyable." 

 Speech bubble  "I felt that I was treated with respect, my condition was investigated and useful exercises proposed. The therapist seemed really interested and concerned in improving my condition."
 Speech bubble   "My care has been excellent. The exercises and information handed to me made a world of difference."
 Speech bubble  "I was in excruciating pain but now have my life back again. Many thanks."
 Speech bubble  "Very good lots of useful information to help me manage my condition."
 Speech bubble  "Helped diagnose what treatment I'll need and reassured me no major issues"
 Speech bubble  "I had excellent care and advice. Was respectfully treated in a vulnerable situation."
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"Everyone in physio was very caring and understanding. Knowledgeable and took my concerns seriously, even if mostly just the ramblings of a worried individual."

 Speech bubble  "Prompt timekeeping. Thorough explanations. Clear instructions. Professional in all aspects of my treatment. I had hand therapy which I can't recommend highly enough. Very happy with the outcome."
 Speech bubble  "I was given a lot of time and attention. I had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and have everything explained clearly. Excellent."
 Speech bubble  "I was treated understandably in relation to my physical problems."
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 "Excellent care and explanations of the treatment needed and the care of the injury."

 Speech bubble "My care is excellent, the exercises have really helped my mobility." 
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"I was treated with a great deal of gentle help and encouragement."