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Bowel conditions

What bowel conditions can physiotherapy help?

In men and women:


What can our women’s and men’s health physiotherapist offer you?

Assessment :

We give time to listen to you, in order to understand your individual condition and the problems it causes and how it is affecting your life.



We examine you thoroughly to form an opinion on diagnosis. We discuss our findings with you and how the condition may best be treated.


Advice and information:

We will offer you advice and information about your condition, especially in regards to how you can help yourself manage your condition better.


Treatment choices and shared decisions:

We will discuss your treatment options and we will make decisions together forming an individual plan to suit your condition, your choices and your needs in order to help you return to work, sport and leisure activities.


The treatment may include:


  • Exercises  to  strengthen your muscles around the back passage;; to become physically more active; to improve general health and fitness.
  • Advice on fluid intake
  • Advice on how you can retrain your bowel
  • Simple dietary advice
  • Further referral for investigations and opinion with medical colleagues:

    As expert physiotherapists in bowel conditions, we are able to request investigations (tests such as as anorectal physiology and manometry) and to refer you to consultants or surgeons if necessary.


How can I see a Women's and Men's Health Physiotherapist?