Breast Surgery

New patient clinics

The Thirlestaine Breast Centre, Cheltenham is for women and men who have been referred by their GP with breast pain, lumps and/or bumps, breast changes or discharge. 

Patients are usually over the age of 16 year of age, although we also see children.

With 7 Consultants, the Clinic runs every day of the week at the Thirelstaine Breast Centre. The clinics are supported by Breast Care Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.

At your first appointment, if appropriate you would usually have a mammogram, potentially alongside an ultrasound scan and possibly a biopsy, all performed on that same day. This can mean you will be present at the Clinic for up to 2 hours. We welcome and encourage you to bring someone with you during this time. 

You will then be seen by a Breast Care Consultant, again all on the same day, and offered an appointment which will be around 2 weeks later for your results. 

If further tests, for example an MRI scan, are required, they cannot be done on the same day and you would need to return at a later date. 

Follow up clinics

Follow up clinics are held in Thirlestaine Breast Centre, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Stroud Hospital and Lydney Hospital.

How to find us

Follow the links below the get travel information for trains and buses and directions and maps of both sites.

See a map of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

See a map of Thirlestaine Breast Centre


Support for patients, families and carers

The Community Patient Advice and Liaison Service is a confidential service which helps patients, families and carers find answers to questions and concerns. Contact the Community PALS for help with sorting out any problems or concerns you may have when using community health and mental health services in Gloucestershire.

Alternative support for patients

Link to Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre - Cheltenham

Maggie’s Centres offer free, comprehensive support for anyone affected by cancer.

The Maggie's Centre


Lymphoedema Support

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) is a national UK charity which provides information and support to people with lymphoedema.

Or contact the breast care nurses, who can refer you to the local lymphoedema specialists

Breast Prosthesis

Please contact Amy Bright breast care nurses secretary to make an appointment for ordering or fitting of new prosthesis.  We also run a bra fitting service once a month which can be combined with a prosthesis fitting.


Contact us

Thirlestaine Breast Centre - Cheltenham

  • Thirlestaine Breast Centre
  • Thirlestaine Road
  • Cheltenham
  • GL53 7AS
  • Telephone 0300 422 3785/3751
  • Fax 01242 696920
  • Open Monday – Friday
  • 8.45am – 4pm

Breast Unit Admin Team

Karolina Ayres - Secretary Supervisor - 0300 422 5648

Ruth Nicol - 0300 422 2598 - Mrs Asmaa Al-Allak

Mary Clark - 0300 422 3177 - Mr James Bristol and Miss Fiona Court

Sue Collett - 0300 422 4395 - Mr Hunt

Gail Goodall - 0300 422 4395 - Mr Hunt

Jayne Elbro - 0300 422 5654 - Mrs Clare Fowler (Clinical Lead)

Maureen Jenner - 0300 422 5653 - Miss Sarah Vestey