Transfer of Radiographic Images

The attached form can be completed and sent direct to Radiology for those without OPT machines


Sending existing x-rays with referrals (including digital images)

We strongly encourage (in accordance with GDC guidelines) the sending of relevant radiographs with a patient referral. This significantly improves the running of our clinics and results in less delay for the patient. These do, however, need to be of a minimum quality.

Traditional "wet" film radiographs

We would request that

  • All the tooth/teeth in question be imaged completely, ideally with at least 3mm beyond the apex.
  • The film be generated with correct x-ray penetration to ensure a good quality film.
  • The film be processed and washed properly.

Digital images

Printed images - the best results are achieved when:

  • Good quality photo paper is used
  • The image is printed as close to life-size as possible (i.e. please avoid "blowing-up" an intra-oral view to A4 size)
  • The image is printed at 'best' resolution / dpi with care taken to ensure good contrast of the image befor eprinting

CD images

We realise many practices now have digital x-ray systems and view the images on monitors (rather than traditional wet films).

We are happy to accept images on a CD providing the following criteria are met (to ensure compatability with our system & data protection laws)

  • The images must be in a DICOM format
  • Each image must contain at least 3 points of identification. Forename, family name, Date of birth & NHS number (if known)
  • The images must be encrypted if being sent through the post. The password should be sent under separate cover detailing which patient it refers to.

CDs received that do not comply with the above will be rejected with the entire referral.

Electronic transfer of images

Unfortunately we are unable to accept images by email at the current time due to data security reasons.


Page updated 07/10/17