DCC Staff

While you are in DCC your care will supervised by a DCC Specialist Consultant. They will see you several times each day as necessary, and are continually available to direct your treatment and keep your family informed of your progress. Specialist Consultants supervise the DCC for up to a week at a time, changing at the weekend; they are supported by a team of Assistant Doctors. You will also be seen regularly by your own hospital Consultant. For more information on each Consultant please click on the name:

Nurses work on DCC for shifts of 7 – 10 hours, and are usually allocated to look after one patient at a time. Most of the nurses have received specialist training in Critical Care and are skilled in all aspects of your treatment. They will also make sure you and your family fully understand the treatment you receive and answer any questions you may have.

Ward Staff

Many other staff help to look after whilst in hospital, including physiotherapists, pharmacists and housekeeping staff. Some of the uniforms you may see are:

Modern Matron: - Mrs Liz Bruce Navy dress/ tunic/trousers, burgundy piping

Sister: - Navy blue dress / tunic / trousers.

Charge nurse: - Navy blue top / trousers

Staff Nurse: - Blue and white striped dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Male Staff Nurse: - Navy trousers, white tunic with blue epaulets.

Student Nurse: - Pale Blue top/dress.

Nursing Auxiliaries / Health Care Assistants: - Green / white striped uniform.

Housekeeping staff: -Pink and white striped dress / tunic and trousers.

Domestic staff: -Pale green and white striped dress / tunic and trousers.