Gallery Ward

Welcome to Gallery Ward

Gallery Ward looks after patients who are medically stable for discharge, but are currently not able to return home. The ward staff are experts in working with patients, enabling independence and facilitating discharges.

Gallery Ward has been set up to allow patients to be more independent and social, in a setting designed to feel less medical. This is created by communal areas which help to provide space for many group and class activities, help facilitate discharge, create a stimulating environment and provide an improved experience for our patients.

Our aim is to deliver high standards of care in a safe setting for patients, their carers and staff, providing a caring and friendly atmosphere where dignity and confidentiality is maintained.

The ward embraces a nurse/therapy led model, led by a Senior Ward Sister and Clinical Specialist Therapist. The ward team consists of a combination of staff nurses, Health Care Assistants and Therapy Support Workers. We have a named Consultant allocated to the ward, supported by a team of doctors who will be responsible for your care whilst on the ward. During your stay, you may be seen by a Therapist, Social Worker, Specialist Nurse, Pharmacist and Dietician, all with the direct aim of helping your discharge home.

Who’s who on the ward?

You will come in contact with a variety of staff members whilst you are in hospital. The staff can be easily identified by the uniform they wear:

  • Ward Manager – navy tunic/trousers or dress with white cuffs •on the sleeves
  • Sister/Charge Nurse - navy tunic/trousers or dress
  • Staff Nurse - navy/white striped dress/tunic with navy trousers
  • Male Staff Nurses - white tunic with blue epaulets.
  • Students Nurse - Pale blue dress/tunic with navy trousers
  • Health Care Assistants - Green/white striped dress/tunic with • navy trousers
  • Therapists – White tunic or polo shirt with either blue or green collars, piping and trousers
  • Therapy Support Worker – White polo shirt and black trousers
  • Housekeeper (male) - white shirt and navy trousers
  • Housekeeper (female) - Grey striped/tunic and navy trousers
  • Domestic - Grey polo shirt and navy trousers

What to expect when you are admitted?

All patients are admitted electively as part of facilitating their discharge process. On arrival to the ward, you will be shown the facilities and told about the ward routine. A nurse will check your details and make you comfortable. There will be a trained nurse on duty who is responsible for your care. If you or your family have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Once settled in, a member of the ward team will come and introduce themselves and discuss what your needs are whilst on the ward. This will help create with you a treatment plan in order to work towards supporting your discharge. As part of this process any specific teams needing to be involved in your care will be identified and appropriate referrals will be subsequently made.

Please can you ask your family to bring in toiletries and day clothes for you to use during your stay. This is an important step to preparing you for returning home.


Discharge from Gallery Ward

The aim of the staff on our ward is to help facilitate your discharge from hospital. You and your relatives play a very important part in planning for your future needs, so please let us know if you foresee any problems that may delay your discharge. On the day of your discharge, you may be asked to go to the discharge waiting area whilst you wait for transport and/or your medication to take home with you, this area has refreshments available for you.


Visiting hours

3.00pm to 8.00pm

Gallery ward operates a more open visiting policy than our other more acute wards, but we still have some restrictions to us to care for our patients going home.

  • The team needs to carry out everyday routine procedures, many of which are performed in the morning.
  • Could you please ensure that there are only two visitors per bed at any one time. This restriction also helps to maintain your dignity and that of the other patient around you, prevents overcrowding and ensures that noise levels are kept to a minimum.



Generally meals are ordered via menu cards on the previous day and are delivered on covered trays, with the exception of breakfast which is served from a trolley.

Where possible we encourage patients to eat in the day room to help encourage socialisation and activity.

Breakfast 8am approx.

Lunch 12noon approx.

Supper 5pm approx.

Hot drinks are served several times throughout the day.



We appreciate that your admission to hospital can be an anxious time for both you and your family. Telephone enquiries are welcomed, although it would be appreciated if one person telephones and relays the information to the rest of the family and friends. Please be aware that your telephone call might not to be answered immediately as we are very busy and our priority is to patient care.


Tel: 0300 422 2222 (switchboard)


Tel: 0300 422 5350 (Gallery Ward direct)


Any questions?

If you have any concerns during your stay with us or have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please do not hesitate to talk to the Senior Ward Sister or the Clinical Specialist Therapist.