Ward 9B GOAM

Ward 9b


Please note that this ward was formerly known as 'Rehabilitation Ward 1' and has moved on the 23rd November 2011 into the tower block from the Elderly Care Unit building.

9B GOAM is located in the tower block. The ward is for female General & Old Age Medicine patients. We also now provide acute general old age medicine services.  Ward Manager is Sister Teresa Clift who is supported by 2 other sisters, Sr Lorraine Cooke and CN Jerome Ibarr and a nursing team. The ward has 28 beds and to concentrate on the delivery of care the nurses are divided into 2 teams. Our aim is to deliver a high standard of care in a safe environment for patients and staff where dignity and confidentiality is maintained.

What to expect when you are admitted to our ward

The majority of our patients are admitted as transfers from AAU, A&E Department, other hospitals and some transfers from other wards in GRH.

On arrival to the ward you will be welcomed and shown the ward facilities. Your property will be checked and an inventory made of particular items of value. We advise you to arrange for significant amounts of money to be taken home. There will be a trained nurse on duty who is responsible for your care. If your family have any questions or anxieties please do not hesitate to make an appointment to talk with the nurse in charge, as immediately on admission we need to settle patients into the ward. The Ward Manager is accessible and appointments can be made to see her via the ward clerk.

Please be aware that the Trust is now a smoke free NHS. Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay.

How to contact the ward

You and your family will be informed of the best time to telephone for news.

Telephone numbers: - 0300 422 6142

Or Telephone Switchboard on 0300 422 2222 and ask for the Ward.

Information given by staff over the telephone may be limited, but we are happy to give an overview of patient’s condition. To avoid many callers of a large family, it is appreciated if a spokesperson is appointed to relay progress to those concerned.