SoM Feedback

midwife and baby

For most queries and concerns, your midwife is the best person to talk to about your care. 

Sometimes a woman or family may feel they are not involved in decisions regarding their care. In situations like this, the Supervisor of Midwives (SOM) can be approached to give advice and support. 

Below is a selection of feedback from women who have recently been supported by the SoM team.


Email from a patient about her experience

I would like to sing the praises of the midwives at Gloucester Maternity ward,Assesment and Delivery suite.

I went in for a routine RFM monitor, a student midwife picked up on me scratching my feet and asked wether I'd been itching for long. After a brief conversation she asked to take my blood again to check my liver functions. Just aswell she did as I had a level that I needed to be induced.

The Maternity ward were amazing throughout my labour, and especially as it came on so quick they didn't even have time to find me some gas and air.

When the delivery suite could finally admit me the care I received was outstanding.

I appreciate that all the time in the NHS is stretched so thin, these ladies performed so well in keeping me calm with no pain relief.

My beautiful boy was delivered on the 2/2 had it not been for the care and compassion of your midwives it may have been a very different story.

Please pass on my level of thanks and keep the knowledge that your team of midwives are doing a fantastic job in a very stetched environment.


Email from patient reviewing her complex care plan for birth

Thank you for sending the document so timely. I enjoyed our earlier conversation and I am happy with the content of the document. I feel that our birth experience in Gloucester is now getting off to a better start and feel more comfortable about our arrival there. I am happy to get back to you with feedback once our daughter has arrived.

Email from patient reviewing her birth experience

My main thoughts are that the midwives were fantastic. My Community Midwife in particular made me feel comfortable and definitely respected and supported my choices, even when I got to 42 weeks and I am very grateful for that. In the end I didn't get the birth I had hoped for, but it's hard to be too bothered by that as he is healthy and safe - so that's the main thing. So overall I guess the things that had put me off wanting a hospital delivery happened! I was without hubby whilst waiting for labour. Labour was very quick, but there was some foetal distress and I ended up with interventions as a result and didn't get some of the things I would have liked such as delayed cord clamping. But, I understand why things were as they were (risk threshold is appropriately low) and I don't feel traumatized as a result, we got through it all with a smile! However I will definitely aim for a home birth again next time. Thanks to you and your team for your support

Email following SoM involvement in developing a birth plan

I am happy to give feedback about the birth and care experience. As for the birth plan we set up I am happy to report that everything went according to our wishes. The pool was nearly ready when we arrived and I spend 5 hours in it. All three midwives that attended the birth were respectful towards hypnobirthing and tried to accommodate our wishes, they were all lovely people on top of that. As you might know from our notes not everything went to plan and I eventually had a c-section after about 28 hours of labour.

During the caesarean care was kept at a very good level and mostly our wishes were accommodated. I did want delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin. That seemed to contradict each other. I am not sure why it wasn't possible to deliver the placenta after the baby, leave it attached to her and hand both of them over to me. I felt I had to make a decision between comforting my screaming daughter (bright lights mostly) and a delaying the cord clamping further. That was the only thing I would have liked to be different during the surgery. 

Post-surgery, I requested multiple times to have a debrief with the doctors who operated on me. Both of them were on shift again during my stay at the hospital as far as I was informed but I never got to see or speak to them again. I feel that is a shame as I would have really valued some first-hand feedback on how the surgery went.

I do hope this feedback is helpful and would like to extend my thanks again to your support and also all the lovely midwives in your team.