Mums up and mobile

Since June 2014, we have had state-of-the art technology on our deliver suite to enable mums in labour to be up and mobile. Midwives on the delivery suite work hard to support their Mums in labour to be - Up and Mobile (M.U.M.) as part of a project to offer all women who require continuous monitoring of their baby’s heart rate (for various reasons) the technology which will support them to move around freely in labour.

Traditionally the machines that are used to continuously monitor a baby’s heart rate in labour restrict the mother’s movements because of the cables which attach to the heart rate monitors. Our new cordless, wireless monitoring will allow mothers to stand, sit or walk around the unit while in labour. Women can even labour in water with the wireless monitoring in place.

The aim of the project is to keep mothers up and mobile, resulting in countless benefits for both mother and baby including less intervention, shorter labours and a more satisfying experience for women. The machines can be used in water so that women can use birthing pools to full effect while having the reassurance that their babies are being closely monitored by midwives. Birthing balls and other furniture along with aromatherapy will also support women to achieve as natural a birth as possible.


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