Giving Birth at Home

Newborn baby asleep

For many women, giving birth to their baby in familiar surroundings, supported by family and with the added reassurance of home comforts is very important. In England, approximately one in 50 babies is born at home.

If your pregnancy is considered to be suitable for midwifery led care, and you are fit and healthy, research shows a home birth is just as safe as a hospital birth for your second or subsequent baby.

Our midwives can help you decide if a home birth is right for you and if you wish, can help you deliver your baby in your own home.

They will provide all the equipment you need for a home birth, including some types of pain relief. If you need any help or your labour is not progressing as well as it should, your midwife will arrange for you to be transferred to hospital.


More information is available on the NHS Choices website.


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