The Delivery Suite at Gloucestershire Royal

Midwife holds baby motioning with it's arms

On our Delivery Suite in the Women's Centre we have 12 en-suite delivery rooms, two obstetric theatres and three high dependency rooms. The delivery suite is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to provide the best possible service for women who require medical assistance during labour. Whether you are receiving consultant- led care and will need the help of a doctor to deliver your baby, or you would simply like an epidural as pain relief during labour, the delivery suite is equipped to meet your needs.

Midwives will be on hand to support you through your labour and you’ll have the reassurance that the very latest equipment is close at hand. Since June 2014, we have offered mobile monitoring to everyone to help you experience the benefits of active labour.

Here on delivery suite you will be offered the full range and choice of pain relief options, depending on your birth plan. A birthing pool room is available for pain relief and relaxation, and features the same mood lighting and individual touches that mums on our Birth Units enjoy.

Once you’ve had your baby, you’ll move to the Maternity Ward. Light, airy and modern, you’ll find the staff helpful and welcoming to you and your baby


  • State-of-the-art en-suite delivery rooms
  • Pool room
  • Mobile monitoring
  • Theatres and recovery rooms
  • High dependency rooms
  • Midwife care


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