Maternity advice line

In September 2015, we launched a new project which aimed to reduce the number of women who need to come to the triage department at the Women’s Centre.

Midwives based in the ambulance hub in Almondsbury take all urgent maternity-related phone calls to triage during the hours of 8am-8pm (7days per week). This  includes issues such as reduced fetal movements or if you think that you are in labour and are due to give birth on the main delivery suite. Take a look at this leaflet which gives some useful advice.

The number for Women/GP’s to ring for the maternity advice line is 0300 422 5541- the telephone number gets through to the midwives answering the calls in the ambulance hub. At other times of day the telephone will be answered by a midwife at the hospital.

By ensuring the midwives are dedicated to taking the telephone calls only and not trying to give clinical care at the same time, they have time to understand the requirements of the women ringing the advice line and therefore triage women to the most appropriate place – Right Women in the Right Place cared for by the Right Professional. This reduces travel for women across the county who may be able to visit a department or drop in clinic nearer their home. There are still the same number of midwives in the triage department who will now be able to increase the amount of time they can spend with each woman who presents to our service. We also hope to reduce waiting times for women who do need to come in.


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