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Mental health in pregnancy

Most women go through pregnancy and the first year after giving birth without any mental health problems, but some women do have problems. These are the same as for other people, but they can develop differently at this time. 

There is help and support, so don't be afraid to talk about how you are feeling with your midwife, GP or psychiatrist – they will be happy to discuss your particular problem and care with you.

Women may feel more vulnerable and anxious while pregnant and after the birth, so your midwife, GP and health visitor should ask you about your mental health. This will give you the opportunity to talk about any concerns and to get help if necessary.

If you have a mental health problem during pregnancy or in the first year after giving birth, you may need more urgent care and treatment than usual, because of the possible effects on your baby, your own health and your other children. 

The NHS Choices website has a range of helpful advice on mental health during pregnancy.


Watch a short video about maternal mental health in Gloucestershire


Time to Change

Time to Change is England's biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. We have pledged to support his initiative.

More help and support

If you need help and advice regarding your mental health during pregnancy, you may find it helpful to get in touch with one of the following: 

Let's Talk

Let's Talk provides free, completely confidential support and advice for times when you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. You can call them between 9am and 5pm on 0800 073 2200 or visit


Samaritans offer a confidential listening service. You can call them at any time on 116 123 about whatever’s getting to you or visit


Tommy's provides a midwife-led telephone line from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 0147 800

The Association for Post Natal Illness

The Association for Post Natal Illness runs a helpline and provides information as well as a network of volunteers who have experienced post natal depression. Contact them on 0207 386 0868 between 10am and 2pm or visit


PANDAS supports anyone, including fathers and partners, suffering from pre (antenatal) and postnatal illnesses. Their helpline is open from 9am until 8pm (including weekends) on 0843 28 98 401 or visit



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