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Patient menus commencing 14th June

Patient menus for Gloucester Royal Hospital

Week one

Week two

Patient menus for Cheltenham general hospital

Week one

Week two





If you would like to find out more about allergen information for patients, please contact Catering Services on 0300 422 4493 or 0300 422 6436

Allergen information for GRH patients menu  is available here. 

Week 1

Week 2


Allergen information for Breakfast Cereals

Allergen information for CGH patients menu to follow soon

A la carte

From 14th June 2017

Carribean / West Indian A La Carte Menu

Kosher A La Carte Menu

Halal A La Carte Menu

Low Potassium A La Carte Menu

Vegan A La Carte Menu

Puree A La Carte Menu

Soft / Fork mashable A La Carte Menu 

Allergy/Free From A La Carte Menu

To find out more about our  A La Carte Menus, please contact Catering Services 0300 422 4493 or 0300 422 6150