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Our patient menus



Patient menus commencing 29th November 2017

Patient menus for Gloucester Royal Hospital

Week 1

Week 2



Patient menus for Cheltenham general hospital

Week 1

Week 2


Low pottasium menus

Gloucester week 1

Gloucester week 2

Cheltenham week 1

Cheltenham week 2


A la carte

From 14th June 2017

Carribean / West Indian A La Carte Menu

Kosher A La Carte Menu

Halal A La Carte Menu

Puree A La Carte Menu

Soft / Fork mashable A La Carte Menu 

Allergy/Free From A La Carte Menu

Contact the catering department directly to discuss a vegan menu or to find out more about our  A La Carte Menus, please contact Catering Services 0300 422 4493 or 0300 422 6150