At our cafés and restaurants, we offer great food at great value for patients, visitors and our staff.

Our menus are carefully designed by our experienced chefs using quality ingredients. We offer a wide range of food options and a selection of hot and cold beverages served by friendly staff.

Why not take advantage of comfortable seating in relaxed surroundings to chat and relax away from the hustle and bustle of hospital wards?

All meals are available to eat-in or takeaway and are served throughout the day. See our menu displays for daily special offers, promotions and theme days. 

The restaurants are signposted at each site and we also have vending machines available.

We are in the process of updating our internet pages and will be providing much more information about upcoming events and offers here soon!

Opening hours

Foster's Restaurant

Find us by the Tower Block for delicious freshly cooked hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks in our welcoming restaurant. 

Monday - Friday

07.30 - 18.30

Saturday and Sunday

08.00 - 14.30

Breakfast menu

 Breakfast menu is here

Please call Fosters on 6437 to place your order

Weekly menus


Week one                                                          Week two

Monday                                                             Monday

Tuesday                                                            Tuesday

Wednesday                                                      Wednesday

Thursday                                                          Thursday

Friday                                                               Friday


Please contact Fosters on 6437 to check which week is in operation

Blue Spa Restaurant

Find us by the main pillars entrance for delicious, freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and treats

Monday - Sunday

07.30 - 19.00

Breakfast menu

 Breakfast menu is here

Weekly menus

Week one                                                          Week two

Monday                                                              Monday

Tuesday                                                             Tuesday

Wednesday                                                       Wednesday

Thursday                                                           Thursday

Friday                                                                Friday

Please contact Blue Spa on 4116 to check which week is in operation

Glasshouse Coffee Shop

Find us in St Paul's Wing for delicious hot and cold snacks and drinks in our welcoming cafe

Monday - Friday

07.30 - 16.00


08.30 - 15.30




Coming soon...

The Spring and Summer 2018 menu will be operating in Fosters and Blue Spa from April 23rd. Some old favourites such as Spinach and mushroom lasagne are making their return along with some new dishes. You can see the menu here:

Fosters week 1

Fosters week 2

Blue Spa week 1

Blue Spa week 2


In Fosters restaurant we will soon be selling a range of frozen meals, made on the premises that can reheated in the microwave, ideal to take home, or to purchase to eat at work.

Special offers