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All employees play a vital role in helping reduce losses throughout the NHS. We all therefore have a responsibility to protect the NHS from fraud and bribery at any level.  If you have any concerns in regard to fraud or bribery at this Trust, or would more information or an awareness session for your team, please contact us.

Your Local Counter Fraud Service (LCFS)

The role of the LCFS is to implement the NHS Counter Fraud strategy within the organisation and to investigate professionally, any suspicions of fraud or bribery that may arise.


The Gloucestershire Local Counter Fraud Service is based at:

Victoria Warehouse
The Docks

Email -

Local Counter Fraud Specialists

 Your Local Counter Fraud Specialist Contacts are:

 Lee Sheridan - Phone 01452 318826 Email

Rayna Kibble - Phone 01452 318826 Email

 Paul Kerrod - Phone 01452 318853  Email

Local Counter Fraud Support Assistant                                                                                                                                                                           

 Rose Williams - Phone 01452 318842 Email


NHS Protect


Alternatively, you can contact NHS Protect.  It is a simple means of reporting genuine suspicions of NHS fraud.  All calls are dealt with by experienced, trained staff.  Callers may remain anonymous if they wish.  Freephone Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.  You can also report fraud using the NHS Protect online reporting form.


Fraud Awareness


One of the key aims of your Local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS) team is to develop an anti-fraud culture. By carrying out fraud presentations and awareness sessions we can be sure that staff are getting the message that fraud against the NHS will not be tolerated. Your LCFS team can tailor fraud presentations to suit your needs, ranging from short informal sessions to any number of staff, to more formal presentations. If you would like your LCFS to conduct any form of fraud awareness session then please get in touch. Fraud Presentation