Fraud Prevention and Guidance


It is usually better to prevent fraud from happening in the first place than to try to recover lost resources after someone has been found guilty of committing fraud.  We can do this in several ways:

1.  Each and every employee must be aware that they have a personal responsibility to understand exactly what fraud is so that they do not commit it themselves, and so that they know who they should report concerns to if they think someone else may be doing something they should not. 

2. The Trust must have clear policies and procedures that put obstacles (internal controls) in the way of anyone who might be thinking about committing fraud eg segregation of duties, signed declaration on claim forms etc.

3. The Local Counter Fraud Service undertakes "local proactive exercises" where we review policies and procedures and check that systems have not been abused.  One exercsie on the go at the moment is a review of the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme across the whole county.


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