Local Cases of Fraud

One of the best deterrents for would-be fraudsters is to publicise successful prosecutions of those who have committed fraud against the NHS in Gloucestershire .


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Drug-theft nurse case 'Warning to NHS employees'. The conviction of a Cheltenham nurse should act as a warning to NHS staff not to commit fraud.

Nurse found guilty of stealing drugs from Cheltenham General Hospital. Natashia Penhale was sentenced to 42 days in jail, ordered to pay £5,000 costs and to seek help from the ISIS women offenders' centre in Gloucester 

Overworked nurse 'spent pay phone cash on party'. Swearing at staff and spending pay phone money on a party saw a modern Matron disciplined for misconduct.

NHS Worker paid for 180 fake shifts. Cheating nursing assistant fiddled NHS out of £20,000.

Cheating Surgery Manager is forced to sell her house. Village GP Surgery Practice Manager who cheated her employers out of almost £100,000 will have to sell her home.

Sickness con cost NHS £4K as ill trainer worked across UK. Health staff trainer has been sentenced to 120 hours community service.

Codeine addict said he was a Bond film stuntman. Former Dragons Den star conned Doctor's surgeries.

Woman stole from hospital to sell on web  An NHS clerical worker stole equipment from the Cheltenham hospital she worked at to sell on an internet auction site.     What happened next ....

Woman had 26 fake identities  A woman has been jailed for more than a year for using a false identity to obtain drugs from a county pharmacy.

Chemist jailed for drugs theft Stealing drugs to feed a heroin habit has landed a county pharmacist in jail.

Chef admits he cheated NHS out of £2,500  A former hospital chef took time off work for depression while secretly working at a gym in Bristol

Winning war on pills fraud Health investigators in Gloucesershire have been given top marks for fighting fraud.

Man doctored CV to get medical job  A man who embellished his CV to get a job with the ambulance service has been ordered to pay thousands of pounds after admitting fraud.

Cheating nurse's claim for trips to feed her horses A nurse claimed for thousands of miles in petrol expenses while using her work car to visit her horses

Healthcare worker cheated NHS out of £2,000 Former healthcare assistant Lesley Fell cheated the NHS out of £2,000 by working for a nursing agency while claiming sick pay.

Paramedic stole drugs and falsified patients’ records to cover his crime  A paramedic falsified medical records so he could steal drugs to feed his addiction to painkillers.


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