Mandatory Training


Updated – all appraisal documents include 2015/16 Corporate Objectives

Please use this table to find the relevant documents for the appraisal.
  Appraiser Apraisee
No Leadership or Management responsibility Click here Click here
Leadership and/or Management responsibility (2-7) Click here Click here
Senior Management responsibility (Strategic / Senior Roles- Band 8+) Click here Click here
Senior Medical Staff Click here Click here
Executive and Non-Executive Directors  Click here  Click here

Additional Paperwork

Appraisal review meeting

Appraisal summary letter


Template for in-year objectives 2016-17

Appraisal Documentation for staff working on the Nurse bank

Bank Nurse Documentation (Registered and Non Registered)


Appraisal Reporting

All Appraisers must report the completion of an appraisal. As we are experiencing IT issues appraisers should use the hyperlink from the budget holder report to submit appraisal completion information. Appraisers who do not have access to this report should CLICK HERE to request the hyperlink, including the name and department of the appraisee.

Appraisal and Development Review activity data entered onto the reporting form is collated by the Education and Development Service and input onto the Electronic Staff Record. To enable accurate reports to be generated for the Trust Board and Divisions please accurately enter the date the appraisal was held and the full name of the staff member (as it appears on their pay slip).

Appraisal Information and Training

what is an appraisal? Info for Appraisers Info for Appraisees
KSF and Foundation Gateways Appraisal Training Preparing for an Appraisal


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