Appraisal information for Appraisees

Neither you nor your line manager / supervisor should cancel your Appraisal meeting, if cancelled due to exceptional circumstances an alternative date should be arranged immediately.

Before you start the appraisal

  • Print a copy of your appraisee appraisal document
  • Prepare:

Complete parts 1 & 2 of the appraisal document, think about:

- your work over the last year

- what you have achieved

- any learning and development training you have done since your last appraisal meeting

- how you have contributed to your department over the past year

- your behaviour, responsibilities and actions at work


During the appraisal

  • Try to relax, the Appraisal meeting is about you, it is dedicated time with your appraiser to discuss your role, achievements and future
  • Take part in an active discussion with your appraiser sharing what you have written and scored in parts 1&2
  • Talk about your achievements, strengths and areas for improvement and provide examples / or evidence to show how you meet the requirements within your role. This will identify where you do well, and which areas need further development
  • Your appraiser will use Appraisal 4 U, your job description and any competencies for your role to discuss your performance
  • You will agree a number of personal objectives which link requirements of the role and the knowledge and skills you need to do your job (section A)
  • Your appraiser will then help you to understand your role, responsibility and contribution to what your department and / or Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation Trust needs to achieve over the next year
  • You will be given objectives which detail what you are required to do in your role to contribute to Department / team, Divisional and / or Trust Strategic Objectives.

After the appraisal

Ensure you receive a copy of your appraisal document and you achieve the agreed objectives. If you are not able to complete the objectives discuss with your appraiser before your next annual appraisal.