Appraisal information for Appraisers

Appraisal meetings should not be cancelled, if cancelled due to exceptional circumstances an alternative date should be arranged immediately.

Before the appraisal takes place

  • Book a room for the appraisal meeting
  • Ensure the appraisee has 4 weeks notice
  • Ensure the appraisee has the appraisal document relevant to them, clarify with them what they have to do before the meeting
  • Print and complete the required appraiser document

Before you start the appraisal

  • Make arrangements to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the appraisal
  • Explain to the staff member the purpose of the meeting, its structure and format, approximately how long it is going to take
  • Explain that you will be taking notes
  • Help staff to feel relaxed

During the appraisal

  • The appraisal should be constructive and motivating
  • Encourage the staff member to do most of the talking
  • Ask questions and use the prepared appraisal documentation to discuss the performance of the individual and the department
  • Actively listen to what they have to say, share what you have written and scored in parts 1&2
  • Talk about the appraisees achievements, strengths and areas for improvement and provide examples / or evidence to show how they met the requirements of their role
  • Refer to the appraisees job description and any competencies for your role to discuss their performance
  • Help the appraisee to  identify where they do well, and which areas need further development
  • Develop and agree a number of personal objectives which link requirements of the role and the knowledge and skills the appraise needs to do their job (section A)
  • Help the appraisee to understand their role, responsibility and contribution to what your department and / or Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation Trust needs to achieve over the next year.
  • Write objectives which detail what the appraise is required to do in their role to contribute to Department / team, Divisional and / or Trust Strategic Objectives.

After the appraisal

  • Ensure the appraisee has a copy of their appraisal document and you achieve the agreed objectives. Ensure that the appraisee is supported to achieve their objective. Set a date for a U review meeting.

Appraisal Training

If you are an appraiser and would like to find out more about Appraisal click here to book on to a training session or contact . The training session will introduce you to the appraisal process including the paperwork and the skills used during the appraisal interview.