GHFT Leadership Behaviours – Appraisal Assessment for Leaders – Bands 2-7 (Appraisee)

To help achieve our Trust’s goals, GHFT has developed a framework of leadership behaviours to describe what is expected of our leaders. As a leader, staff are expected to demonstrate the behaviours.

How well these are demonstrated  is discussed and scored between staff and their appraiser as part of the annual appraisal discussions.

The reflection, discussion and scoring results in a development plan and objectives to build on strengths and develop leadership behaviours to improve or maintain performance.

Staff who have responsibility for others in their job role need to demonstrate and develop leadership skills as distinct from their technical skills.

The behaviours expected for a positive patient experience are:

  1. Being a Trust Role Model                                                                  
  2. Managing and Motivating Self 
  3. Leading and/or Contributing to Motivating your Team 
  4. Continually Improving Services
  5. Developing and Contributing to Strategic Leadership


These themes are applicable to all leaders and managers; however they will be applied more in some roles to others and this should be taken into consideration during the appraisal discussion.

Please follow this link to the Leadership Behaviours Appraisal Assessment for Leaders – Bands 2-7 

Refer to this easy to follow guide to help you get the most out of your appraisal.