Senior Medical Staff Appraisals


New Appraisal Form (Model Appraisal Group)

MAG user guide

All senior medical staff should now use the MAG Appraisal Form. Please ensure that you read the MAG user guide as it may be that you will need to contact IT to upgrade your Adobe reader.


Three months before your appraisal is due the Appraisal Administrator will contact you with the name of your appraiser, along with the paperwork required to be completed.

The paperwork is as follows:  

Following the Appraisal

Return the following to the Appraisal Administrator:

Additional Information

The following documents are relevant to the Senior Medical Staff appraisal process:

Contact Details

Sarah Antrobus Holder, Senior Medical Staff Appraisal Officer = 0300 422 5301

Emma Barr, Senior Medical Staff Appraisal Administrator = 0300 422 6092