What is an appraisal?

Your annual appraisal and development review meeting provides a formal, recorded, review of your performance, and a plan for your future development.

Appraisal is about improving the quality of patient care and services across the Trust by ensuring that people have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to do their jobs well.

Make the most of the opportunity to meet with appraiser who might be your line manager or supervisor. Your appraiser values you and will support you to do the best in your job by reflecting on your work over the past year, agreeing your achievements, areas for development and agreeing a realistic training plan to meet these development needs. Ensuring that you have the right knowledge and skills to do your job and do it well.

The Appraisal is also an important part of the Trust's corporate and clinical governance processes and a mandatory requirement for all staff. At the time of your appraisal your appraiser will also help you to understand your role, responsibility and contribution to what your department and / or Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation Trust needs to achieve over the next year.