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Apprenticeships Apprenticeships for GHNHSFT staff in bands 1-4 IT Training

IT Training for GHNHSFT Staff

  • Learn new skills or simply brush up.


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Lifelong Learning

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Change in GCSE Grades from 2017

AMSPAR - Medical Terminology Course

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What we do....

Lifelong Learning works with education, training and development leads to:

  • Deliver (or commission others to deliver), and evaluate effective, efficient and accessible learning opportunities which support the achievement of Appraisal and Performance Review personal objectives.
  • Support departments to create skills and knowledge escalators that meet service objectives enable career progression and encourage retention of staff within the Trust.

We are currently:

  • Facilitating Appraisal and Development Review Training
  • Working with a number of providers to ensure a wide range of efficient, effective and accessible learning opportunities for bands 1-4 staff
  • Enabling staff to brush up and gain qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy and English as a foreign language
  • Recruiting Apprentices
  • Provide and arrange work experience