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Sorry for the inconvenience the A&C page is currently under review – please contact Lifelong.LearningTeam@glos.nhs.uk or 0300 422 5176 for information about opportunities for Administration and Clerical staff.

Administration and Clerical Information and Involvement: Thank you!

 Watch this space for 2016 dates

Thank you to the Administrative and Clerical staff (working in bands 1-4) who attended the autumn administration and clerical information and involvement events.

We plan to host further events in Spring 2016.


 Now planning for 2016

Following feedback we are currently trying to identify a date in early 2016 to re run the  Managers, co-ordinators, supervisors (working in Bands 5-7) information and involvement event. Please monitor this page and emails for further information.



Sorry we are no longer taking applications for the AMSPAR course. If you are able to fund your own place or secure funding from your department MediTerm will be taking registrations for the course starting in March 2016. Contact Lifelong.LearningTeam@glos.nhs.uk for MediTerm details.


Have you ever wondered what your typing speed is?

Have a go on a quick test on this web page

To improve your typing skills register for the IT Skills Pathway  and within the 'Resources' there is a guide on how to access a free typing.com course. Alternatively visit the webpage directly to gain free access. typing.com

Have you a level 3 Business and Administration Qualfication are your responsible for supervising staff and wish to gain further qualifications?

If you are interested in progressing and gaining a Level 4 Business and Administration qualification - contact Lifelong.LearningTeam@glos.nhs.uk for further details

Medical Terminology for beginners

Interested in learning more about Medical Terminology but not eligible to access AMSPAR? Consider enrolling to the 'Overview of Medical Terminology Module' with the Virtual College (£30 plus VAT - discuss with your Manager or the Lifelong Learning Team).

For more information see this flyer or web page 

Are you working as a ward clerk or receptionist?

If you are a member of staff in a customer service role e.g. ward clerk or receptionists and would like to find out more about qualifications in Customer Service contact Lifelong.LearningTeam@glos.nhs.uk for further details

 Exploring other Learnng Opportunities?

Take a look at 'Future Learn' free online studying, teaching and learning resources from leading universities on this webpage  https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/categories/teaching-and-studying

This is a link to the Staff Survey and Engagement Presentation; if you would like to know more about staff engagement or get involved visit the Staff Engagement web page.


Administration and Clerical Supervisors and Team Leaders are invited to attend the next Support Services Training Forum Meeting being held  23/10/2015, 12pm Redwood Education Centre, Room F7. Contact Lucy.Blandford@glos.nhs.uk for further details or to access minutes from the meeting held July or previous meetings.


In June 2015 1,150 staff were given an opportunity to complete the Pulse 'Friends and Family' online survey. 281 (24%) staff responded. The results have been summarised in this presentation Please take a moment to look at the results and consider

What comments reflect your individual / team or department issues

What are the priorities for you  individual your team or department  

What can you / your team or department  do to improve them

What help do you or your team / department need

Staff attending all the events expressed their concerns about the ongoing issues and delays with Arriva Transport which was affecting the patients in their care. Dr Harsent attended a meeting subsequent to the events and escalated your concerns.

Staff suggested that more consistent ward clerk induction and training be developed and delivered. This is currently being scoped. We would be interested to have your suggestions of information to include Information about the Medical Administration qualification now available

Other information:

  • The facilitators from the Information and Involvement Spring events will review comments and feedback provided at the events and afterwards (by email and the evaluation)

This review took place 11/08/2015

  •  Further events will be held in the Autumn / Winter

First confirmed date: 23/11/2015


Learning and Development Opportunities:

If you are interested in gaining a qualification or attending training related to your role e.g.:

Customer Service

Business and Administration

Team Leading (suitable for staff who are supervising or would like to gain knowledge to enable them to supervise in the future)

Minute Taking

Mentoring (of apprentices)

Or would like advice or guidance

Please contact the Lifelong Learning Department, Telephone 0300 4 22 5176, Email Lifelong.LearningTeam@glos.nhs.uk

Other options:

IT Training for information about Tutor led Training, IT e-Learning, the IT Knowledge Bank or 1:1 training please view the IT Training pages

Leadership Development for information on leadership and management programmes, workshops and learning materials please see the Leadership and Organisational Development web page