Staff Feedback - Apprenticeships

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 Candidates Feedback

"Completing my english and ICT exam made me more aware that I can achieve things made me more aware that I can achieve things gave me a sense of belief."

"A large percentage of the skills I learnt are really relevant to my job role and will help me to develop."

"Confidence has increased and skills in leading a team have increased."

"The thought of at the beginnning that I wanteded to give up makes me more proud I have stuck with it and completed it, I am eager to challenge myself again with other courses."

"I really enjoyed the course once I got stuck into it. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues."

"Whilst I was in the middle of this course I did gain a promotionn to Supervisor so this course continues to help me in my new role.

"This course has given me confidence to handle mmost situations."

"It was an excellent course which I really enjoyed, have learnt so much and have already put this into good use."

“The work is enjoyable and challenging at the same time and working other people in the same boat there is an element of competitiveness in it which I think is good because we’re all striving to do better”.

“I am always keen to do further training and to improve my skills and my manager always encourages me to take part in training. Also because I could work from home / on the job it would not take up a lot of time away from work.”

“I’ve found the group sessions helpful because after reading through our material and getting a good idea of company policies, different legislations etc. We can sit and talk about it, making it clearer in my mind.” 

“I am pleased I was given the opportunity to take part in the Apprenticeship.” 

“The work and the workload are manageable.  It is helped a great deal by the fact we have a fine tutor that helps in every way she can.”

“I have found the work very interesting. It has also made me realise how much I already knew.” 

“It has made me understand others job roles a bit better and I am finding I have more patience when working with others. Also if has made me realise what I can do to make my department and my own work place more efficient.” 

“There is a lot on health and safety which is always useful and the numeracy and literacy units have helped me to ‘revise’ my skills. Writing up for the NVQ [now QCF] units also makes you look at how you work which is useful as it can highlight any problems or where you could improve anything.”



Managers Feedback

"I would have no doubt whatsoever about nominating other staff to undertake this qualification, whilst it is difficult to realise staff from opertational duties the benefits of this course have far outweighed any negatives. The knowledge and confidence gained have allowed us to develop others and mentor colleagues in areas that have until now been only an aspiration."

"Her confidence has grown immeasurably"

"I am impressed in the way the course has been delivered and the postives effects."

"It has shown her ways in which to deal with situations and how to get the best out of others"

“As a Supervisor with a staff member taking part in the Apprenticeship scheme I have seen a vast improvement in the confidence and capabilities of this member.”