The Learning Log

This ‘Learning Log’ spreadsheet has been designed by our staff for use by all staff.

Often described as Continuing Professional Development learning and development is a continuous process of recognising our achievements, and learning from our experiences in the work place to improve our knowledge, skills and performance.

Entering information into the ‘Learning Log’ spreadsheet will help you record, track and document skills, knowledge and experience you gain at work, through work and as you work, as well as from any more formal training sessions you have attended.You can use the log to record the activity with brief learning points, or if you prefer enter more detail where you think back (reflect) on your experiences, situations, things you have done and from this consider what you have learnt.

Use the ‘Learning Log’ in your appraisal; discuss your achievements, what you have learnt and strengths you have and with your appraiser think about areas where you could develop further knowledge and competence – areas for growth.

An up to date and accurate record of learning activities will help you to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and provide evidence that you are able to work safely, legally and effectively to provide ‘Best Care for Everyone’.


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