Specialty Trainees

Advice on working overseas

Out of Programme Experience (OOPE)

Many trainees wish to take the opportunity to work overseas. If an OOPE is taken during specialist training approval must be sought from the Deanery. Prospective approval from PMETB is required if the OOPE is to count towards CCT. The process of applying for an Out of Programme Experience is available on the Deanery website at: 

This gives very comprehensive information on many aspects of OOPEs.

An OOPE must be planned well in advance as the Deanery requires at least 6 months notice.

Flexible working

There is a strong culture within the Deanery to support doctors wishing to work flexibly. The Deanery website provides information on the background to flexible training with comprehensive advice and lists of contacts for each specialty. Find the link at:


Information on flexible working for each specialty can be found at the appropriate College website.

Career management workshops

As part of the Professional and Generic skills course Career Management Workshops are organised. These are designed to provide a framework for Career planning for whatever stage in your career you are, until you retire. They are designed to make you consider all aspects of your career and how to manage your career effectively. 

Advice for those considering changing specialty or leaving medicine

There may be many reasons to consider changing specialty or contemplating leaving the medical career. It is a decision that should be taken over time and after going through a four-stage career planning process, as described in the section on Career planning(link). It is important to ensure that the reasons for changing are valid and that the alternate career path is realistic. If possible you should speak to your Educational Supervisor about your reasons for wishing to change your career path.

Confidential advice can also be obtained from the Careers Guidance Tutor, Dr Susannah Jenkin, Consultant Renal Medicine, based at GRH. Susannah.Jenkin@glos.nhs.uk

The Deanery has information for those wishing to seek professional careers counselling, found at: 


A useful article published in the BMJ on switching specialty was published in May 2009:

The Medical Careers website has a comprehensive list of alternatives to medicine or clinical practice.

One to one career guidance

There will be some of you who may wish to seek further advice on your career decisions. Further help can be obtained from the Career Guidance Tutor, Dr Susannah Jenkin, Consultant in Renal Medicine, based at GRH. To arrange a meeting please contact Marion Thompson, Foundation Programme Manager, marion.thompson@glos.nhs.uk

The Severn Deanery also provides the career development service which can offer one-to-one confidential meetings, http://www.severndeanery.nhs.uk/deanery/careers-support