Annual Leave

Who should I contact to discuss annual leave requests?

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The appropriate leave form must be completed and signed by the Clinical Supervisor of the placement you will be in when you are taking the leave. The annual leave form needs to be sent to Medical Staffing at least six weeks prior to the leave.

F1s and F2s are entitled to five weeks and two statutory days (27 days annual leave per year, 9 days in each 4 month placement). At least one week of leave must be taken in each placement, most placements have leave rostered in. You need to be proactive and plan.


Examples of rostered leave

At CGH - Orthopaedics (8 days), ACU (7 days) and ED (9 days) so no extra leave can be taken during these placements.


To allow for Specialty Inductions to take place at the beginning of each placement you are discouraged from taking any leave during the first 10 days of each of your placements.


Only under exceptional circumstances under full agreement of both the Clinical Supervisor and the Foundation Programme Director may these guidelines be breached.

Each individual foundation doctor will have their own leave entitlement for each placement in a rotation due to rostered leave. It is therefore advisable to speak to Elizabeth Barnes in Medical Staffing (details below) early on in the year to find out your exact entitlement for each placement. You should then plan your leave early to ensure you can take all the leave you are entitled to.

Each department has a rota/leave co-ordinator which could be a medical secretary, nominated consultant or other senior doctor. Your will need to discuss your proposed leave with them.

To discuss annual leave you would like to book please contact Elizabeth Barnes in Medical Staffing 0300 422 (2935).