You will be required to conduct and present an audit in each year of the Foundation Programme. You will have time to carry this out in your specialty placement but can be done in any of the placements. You have the option to present the Audit in the attachment the Audit was done or in any other teaching or audit session including your Tuesday afternoon Foundation Teaching. Please contact Marion Thompson if you wish to do this. Towards the end of the year you will be asked to give details of when you presented your audit.

Core competencies and skills from the Foundation Programme curriculum  
describes the audit cycle and recognises how it relates to the improvement of clinical standards
has been actively involved in undertaking a clinical audit, and recognises how it relates to the improvement of clinical standards and addresses the clinical governance agenda
makes links explicitly to learning/professional development portfolios and includes evidence for revalidation

The Trust Libraries can help

Are you conducting an audit? Do you need evidence to back up your ideas? The library can conduct a literature search for you to see whether there are any published articles or reports on the topic you’re interested in and then help you obtain the articles. All you need to do is email the library (as below) with the details of what you’re looking for and we will run a search for you on our databases. We aim to get the results to you within a couple of days and we can also provide a summary of our findings. 

Library GRH:
0300 422 6495 

Library CGH:
0300 422 3036

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