Guardian of Safe Working Hours

The Guardian for Safe Working Hours is an independent voice to help ensure working conditions for doctors in training are safe.  The Guardian champions and protects safe working practices as set out in the 2016 terms and conditions for junior doctors.  He or she is independent of trust management and the educational supervision relationship, and works to assure safe working hours by overseeing exception reports and intervening with the trust, departments or individuals when necessary.   The work of the guardian is informed and scrutinised by a junior doctor’s forum including wide representation from trainees in the trust.  The exception reporting process is managed through an electronic system that will be demonstrated at your induction.  You are also welcome to email the guardian at any time at with any questions or concerns related to safe working hours.

Exception Reporting Tool

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Terms and Conditions of Service NHS Doctors and Dentists in Training England July 2016

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Exception Reporting - Training issues flowchart

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Exception Reporting - Safe working flow chart


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